Two Frenchmen, who met and became friends in Texas, established H-Wines in 2017 in Coldspring. Philippe Legrand, the son of a wine merchant, and Steve Hari, a winemaker from Burgundy. 

Our Story

Two Frenchmen, who met and became friends in Texas, decided one night while drinking wine together, to become business partners.  Philippe Legrand, the son of  a French wine merchant, and Steve Hari, an experienced winemaker from Burgundy,  learned  early in their friendship that they both had a passion for wine.  
Hari, who reluctantly sold his vineyard in France after moving to Texas with his wife, was excited to discover that viniculture was a growing industry in the state.  
Steve and Philippe established H-Wines Winery in 2017 in Coldspring, Texas. Two years later they opened a tasting room in Montgomery, TX. 
What began in France now continues in Texas. Hari is putting into practice his Burgundy-style winemaking methods, only now, he's using Texas grapes.  Texas and France. . .the perfect pairing.